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“Over the past two decades, Suzy Strindberg has embroidered exceedingly small pictures of lush green landscapes. Her stitches are minute. The material is very thin silk. The scenes are created with thread according to a sketch, which she only refers to sproradically. The process is slow and painstaking. Strindberg embroiders in periods, letting the work rest before resuming it. She often undoes parts that she is not entirely satisfied with and starts over. The process includes an element of meditation.”

Cilla Robach, curator, Slow Art, Nationalmuseum 2013

“In the exhibit Treasures, cool silver meets soft silk. Both materials shimmer…Entering the small crimson room at the art museum and seeing the counter with these gleaming objects is a spiritual experience…Your appreciation for the craftsmanship deepens as you slowly take it all in.”  

Katarina Sandström, Barometern, April 8, 2015

“These embroideries adeptly reflect life experience, depth and maturity. The exhibit surprises, offering visitors a significant experience with literary undertones."

Åke Livstedt, Svenska Dagbladet, January 31,1987

"Each artwork touches you as it leads you into its world. Without doubt, Suzy Strindberg’s embroidery, minimalistic and yet grand, is worth a journey."

L'Esprit de Narvik, June 7, 2014, Slow Art, Swedish Institute in Paris

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